15 June 2012

The gift of giving

A couple of days ago i posted a typed note on the gift of Dominance/ submission. i was inspired to write it because over the last couple of weeks there have been numerous conversations on fetlife fulminating over the idea that submission is a gift to be treasured. It seems that submission is not a gift because it is not given expecting nothing in return and it requires ongoing effort.

Perhaps i am just playing a semantics game, but it seems to me that submission AND Dominance are both gifts that must be given on a daily basis. A gift is not only a present (though i also like to think that my Master’s Dominance is the most beautiful present i could ever receive) it is also an aptitude, an inborn nature toward something. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard towards that thing, that you don’t strive to improve and try harder, but i think that it starts the ball rolling in the right direction. Dominance and submission have to be given, they are not things that can be snatched or stolen, taken while someone is turned the other way.

my Master gives me lots of gifts, and not just of the matching underwear ilk (though He gives these in abundance - i guess that way i have no excuses see: The right to lingerie), which are borne out of His role as my Dominant. Perhaps one of the gifts that i treasure the most is His ability to make me feel beautiful, especially when He ties me up. And my favourite bondage tie at the moment?

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