13 April 2014

Last night: sharing love

We have shared our bed with a wonderful woman perhaps four or fives times. Dreadly is her name (or at least what i will her call her here) and she has (as one might expect) very long and beautifully kept dreadlocks. She is petite and down to earth and being with her brings a new connection to Daddy's and my relationship. The afterglow of her energy encircles us for days ...

17 March 2014

Answers (Part 3)

From Del Fonte
What is your favourite part of Italy and what is it about the country you like?
Perhaps Florence is my favourite city ... i lived there for a year and it was a wonderful year (although the other years were too). i was in a such a magical place of my life, single with some beautiful girlfriends rocking the town so it stands out the most.

The reason i love Italy? i'm not even sure how to answer this - the people, the food, the clothes (my gosh i love shopping in Italy), the art, i dated an Italian for 3 years (doing the long distance thing between here and there), but all of that doesn't really say why i love it anymore than the rest of us ... perhaps it is the language and the romance that speaking it elicits or perhaps it is something more intangible i can't pinpoint.

From Marquis du Eden
1) Did you know that your Daddy was into kink before you brought it up with him? 
Yes in a way. He had been forceful when we made love, restraining my hands and the like. We had some conversations that skirted around the edge of kink but nothing so outright as when i said to Daddy "own me!" lol

2) I could be wrong, but it has seemed that he does photography. Mine does, and I know I get jealous sometimes when he does shoots with other women. Do you ever get jealous about it?
Daddy isn't a photographer. The professional photographs you see are from a friend of mine. Even if Daddy was a photographer i cannot imagine being jealous ... i trust in His love for me so even when we share our bed with other women, love is shared not taken away :)

10 March 2014

Answers (Part 2)

From Betsy T
Was it hard to find someone for your threesome? 
No is the simple answer :) But of course we have had different connections with each of the women we have had threesomes with. Daddy has only tied one woman up with me (The needle in the haystack), but all our experiences have been exquisite in their own way.  

Also, was it hard to manage your jealousy?
There was no jealously and there has been no jealousy in any of the threesomes we have shared in. Sharing our bed with other women is just a different expression of our love for each other rather than taking away from our love.

From Tori
When did you first begin to realise that you had these desires to submit, was kinky?
Reading the Story of O - see my answers (part 1) to Big D lil s

How did you both meet each other/get together?
In the most vanilla way possible. We met at a brunch of mutual friend who was celebrating her birthday. My friend asked Daddy if He would be able to drop me home because i was only recently back in town (having been gone for 10 years!) and without a car.

Who first brought up bringing ttwd into your relationship?
Daddy was quite forceful from the very beginning in our love making, but it was me that suggested ttwd ... i wrote to Daddy My deepest desire

"I want to give you my body absolutely in a way that it is no longer mine to decide what I do or don't do. I want you to own it, properly, to decide everything and to be 100% certain that whatever you say, ask of me, I will do. I would really like that my body is locked to everyone but you and that it is only until your say that it may be un locked (I intend this in both a figurative and literal sense). I want this to be a binding contract between you and me".

and so our story began (The first conversation and The first conversation continued

9 March 2014

Answers (Part 1)

From Big D lil s

Recently you have had some struggles how do you feel about sharing your intimate details on your blog?

Sharing helps in the struggles - sometimes letting go of the things that are painful onto my blog lightens my load. In terms of sharing intimate details more generally for the most part this blog is anonymous, which makes it easier to share without worrying what someone will think. Those that do know the face to the blog are so open-minded i am not worried about their judgements.

When did you discover your submissiveness? Was it hard to bring it to the surface?

When i read Story of O i knew, without being able to label it, that i was submissive. i wanted to be O whereas my fellow classmates were repulsed by her character. In the end it wasn't hard to bring it to the surface and the process happened really organically - when i met Daddy (see question & answer Part 2).

From Pearl Necklace you have talked in your blog on threesomes....Can you tell this is something my Man and I have been discussing? =)

How did the first one with your Daddy come about?
Daddy and i had both had threesomes before. He had been in a relationship where they regularly shared their bed with other women and i had been in a relationship with a girl with whom i regularly shared men.

About nine months into our relationship Daddy suggested that He would love to have threesomes with me too, but for different reasons than His previous relationship. His earlier relationship was His first serious relationship after His divorce and threesomes were a way of having the security of a relationship with the fun and excitement of the single life. Daddy said He felt they would give an opportunity to enrich the experiences we were sharing together. i wasn't certain because i had always thought that threesomes were fine unless you really loved the guy otherwise surely jealously would creep in ...

A few months later Daddy was working in Africa and was away from me for a month. It was during this time that i realised i would be able to share our bed with another woman. That it would do nothing but add a beautiful dimension to our sexual dynamic and extend the love that we share.

How did you find/choose the right person?
This is a cute story ... i had won a 6-month subscription to this adult match maker site for best dressed at a kink event. In January 2013 we decided to use it and within a week we caught with this incredibly open-minded and kinky woman. She was so forward and before finishing the first drink was asking when we were going back to our place ... she even used the strap-on!

What was the one result (good or bad) that you didn't expect?
Our subsequent experiences have been much more low key and we have built up friendships with many of the girls we share our bed with - which i much prefer. This first experience was perfect though!

7 March 2014

Question time

Taking an idea from Tori's blog (i think blogger has caught my pox/question time) and all the other beautiful bloggers taking her lead (Submissive Little Girl, Big D little s, sirqandme, Toms rose, Searching for Sir, slave to Master, submissive sanctuaryFaerie learns to fly, A new perspective) i want to open March to questions. Questions about anything from vanilla to kink and anything in between.


4 March 2014

the ups and downs

Blogging is a funny creature because depending on when you choose to write alters the character of what you write. This seems no doubt obvious, but is nonetheless something i have thought about over the course of the day. Last night was horrible and i felt so - perhaps deserted is the right word. Blogging helped me to let go of some of the pain ... enough at least to get some sleep.

This morning was an entirely different story. i slept through my alarm and so i decided i would just head into university later (classes don't start until 10 anyway). After a shower i went to wake J up and He pulled me back into bed with Him. Lying together, His cock became increasingly engorged so that when i got up to leave He said "do i play by myself or with you?" i asked what He wanted. He said He wanted me to stay and so we made love in the first hour of our morning. It was beautiful and i was so content, elated even that He asked me to stay.

When things feel like they're crumbing it is the small things that count. Being told not to wait shattered my confidence, but making unexpected love in the morning brought back the gentle peace that our relationship craved. i am not sure where we are headed, but things are not all bad.


3 March 2014


Tonight J told me not to wait for Him. He said that until we work things out it was better not to. It was the one thing that made me feel connected to Him in the evening - like things might be okay. It seems silly to be so upset by such a small ritual but perhaps it's because it feels like He has put out the last flame. i feel as if we have lost all our foundations and we are left with sparse and craggy rock. Where to from here?