14 July 2014

Lewbari Rope event

My body is sore and my muscles are tired, but the Lew Rubens rope weekend was wonderful and we met so many amazing new people. It started off with the basics, which meant it was going over old hat for Daddy and i on the first day, but it is surprising how many little tips we still learned. Perhaps my favourite tie of the day was this one because it creates such a beautiful serving position. It was also quite magical looking across the room and seeing so many submissives (or bottoms) ready to serve, as if practising for a manor dinner to be attended by kinky gentlemen in fine attire.

The second day we played with some basic suspension poses and now all i want for Christmas is a suspension ring!! Excuse the messy ropes, but this really was just some playful fun with rope ...

There was a play party on the Saturday night (my outfit was a steampunk meets Victorian courtesan affair), although we didn't play ... Daddy didn't feel comfortable enough. We also had to hold off on the webbing and staple gun idea because we didn't get a chance to practice on the body sized board before the Saturday evening. There is another play party in mid-August so fingers crossed we can play then ... i do so love the idea of playing in public.

10 July 2014

Rivers of sexual energy

Last night was oh so wonderful with so much pleasure that i have felt it shimmer through my body today as my thoughts returned to Daddy's magic.

Daddy had an idea a while ago, one which involved webbing, a staple gun and some board or wooden pellets. He wants to display me at a play party this Saturday night so to ensure that the staples would hold me tight against the board we had to practice. We went to the hardware store after dinner last night and Daddy bought some MDF board, a small sheet just to ensure the staples would keep the webbing tight against my body before getting a board the size of my body.

Daddy first tested with my forearms laid flat and even with the force of my body pulling against the webbing my arms were held firmly against the board. After first carefully removing the staples and releasing me from the webbing, Daddy brought the board and heater into the bathroom. He asked me to kneel on the edge of the board and bend over with my forearms again laid flat. Methodically, with each strip of webbing, Daddy stapled down my right arm, then left slowly working His way around my body until lastly pulling some webbing through the loop on my collar and stapling it down so that i could move my head only so far up.

Cadonk, cadonk the sound of a staple gun is so violent and each time Daddy pushed down i felt a little shudder course through me. When Daddy had finished He asked me to move, but i couldn't - not an inch either right or left. As if overcome with sexual energy, Daddy hastily undressed and took me, fucking me hard until He came inside. Regaining His composure, He took the wand from the bench top and brought it to my clit, holding it close, stimulating my sex with the little vibrations until i came. Last night was different though - i hadn't squirted in such a long time that i gushed as if a river of sexual energy was cascading out of me. it felt wonderful, so centering and a reminder of how powerful and healing sexual energy can be.

In the afterglow of such carnal eroticism, Daddy and i curled up in bed, encircling each other with our bodies and falling into a deep sleep.

6 July 2014

Nipple piercing

Today Daddy got my nipples pierced. It is something He said He would get done to me when i was ready. In some ways i am not sure i deserved to get pierced after the conversation we had yesterday. Daddy pointed some things out about me that impede His ability to properly control and instruct me and on reflection He is right. i also pointed out some things He could do better, but it is not about the chicken and the egg and which one came first so i must really try over this week to take account of the way that i speak to Him, the way i interpret His opinions and the way i express my own thoughts ... my behaviour must be better my next weekend because Lew Rubens comes to town and i want so badly to make Daddy proud x

Come be sinful with me

Sinful Sunday

18 June 2014

Beauty regime

i love my beauty regime. Perhaps in some regards this makes me vain, but i genuinely love taking care of my appearance.

Although i don't often wear make-up (apart from eyebrow liner which is a necessity - i cannot leave the house without perfectly shaped brows!) i always wear nail polish. i don't like to get them done at the salon because i don't trust most technicians to not file too much or shape incorrectly. i have sensitive skin so unfortunately i have to be careful what creams and cleansers i use - Clarins
Lait Démaquillant Velours and QV night cream are my favourite right now because they are so gentle! I also love aromatherapy and massage oils because they nourish your skin and your soul (Tinderbox has the most delectable range of products).

i would love to know what some of your favourite beauty products are or those parts of your regime that you cannot live without ...


10 June 2014

Wearing the collar

Some of the discipline in our relationship has slipped from earlier in the year. We were having bigger life problems (nothing too serious just the usual course of life's ups and downs) and D/s faded a little from view. But over the last few months we have reconnected and i feel more tied to Daddy than i ever did before.

Daddy had a conversation with me a fortnight ago and said we were going to be stepping things up a notch, recapturing my obedience that had dissipated without Daddy's stern words and spankings. Among many of new arrangements, when we don't have His beautiful kidlet (it's a week about arrangement) i wear the thick black collar at night, which i am to present to Him on the bed. i have taken to placing it delicately over His chest after He lies down, positioning my neck just perfectly in reach of His fingertips. As the cooler months are upon us, He fastens the collar that little bit too tight so that it is uncomfortable to move, but such a poignant reminder of our connection.

i finish my last exam on Monday and then i have two weeks off before starting a full-time law clerk position for the winter break. Over the coming months we have so many things planned - a camping trip with kidlet and her her best friend, a night of sensual madness to celebrate Dreadly's birthday, an extravagant weekend away with some of our vanilla friends and Lew Rubens Lewbari weekend [i still can't believe he's coming!] - but mostly i am looking forward to being able to better serve Daddy. 

Right now i love life and feel so blessed to have the one i have.